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3J Beef, Inc.
Venneman Ranch
14120 FM 1261
Spearman, TX 79081
806.664.8560 (Beef Barn)
806.882.4635 (nights & weekends)
806.898.1159 (mobile)
806.882.4233 (fax)

Beef with Tradition

Five generations ago, in 1905, the Venneman ranch was established in the top of the Texas Panhandle. The ranch will soon celebrate the anniversary of its first century under the trusted Venneman brand. Joe T. and his son Klint manage the cow/calf and farming operations, but the entire family is actively involved. The Vennemans are steeped in rich Texas tradition and strong family values. Each generation has preserved their heritage of hard work, strong faith, and a passion for their way of life.

The family's mission is to revive time-honored traditions, passed down from generation to generation, that have somehow been lost in the present day cattle industry. One such tradition is windmill aged beef, dating back to the time when Granddad Venneman aged meat by hanging it from the windmill tower in winter. We have restored the concept by using modern refrigeration. Our combination of dry-aged, hormone free, and whole corn fed beef will delight you with its unique taste. The light, nutty flavor and mouth watering tenderness makes 3J Beef a Texas delicacy!