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Venneman Ranch - Spearman, TX

The Venneman's cattle have become a trademark of the family in the Texas Panhandle. We go to great lengths to produce quality products. Each generation has lived on the ranch working along side the other to learn the trade of the cow/calf operation. It is this long adhered experience and knowledge of raising good cattle that bring this exceptional product to you.

The cattle are born, raised, and fed on the ranch and then sold from the 3J Beef Barn, which sits on the original tract of land settled by Joe Venneman in 1905. 3J Beef is more than something good to eat - it is tradition, extended family, hard work, and a passion for this way of life. It's Joe T. Venneman's dream to share the love of his cattle with people through his exceptional beef products.

The quality of the cherry red color of the meat is visible through the clear, vacuumed sealed packaging done by Dalhart Processing, another family owned business in the Texas Panhandle. Because of the uniqueness of our product, the supply may be limited and when we're out, we're out until the next bunch is ready. We will not compromise the quality for profit.